Grants and Scholarships for Masters in School Counseling Students

Earning a master’s in school counseling is required to work as a licensed school counselor in many states and even in states that only require a bachelor’s degree, many schools won’t consider students with less than a master’s degree. One of the biggest roadblocks for students interested in these advanced programs, however, is price. Graduate school can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and for some, student loans to cover this amount just aren’t possible. If you’re interested in a masters degree program in this field, grants and scholarships can be the answer to this problem.

Masters in School Counseling Grants

Grants are available from three sources: private organizations, colleges, and government departments. As a graduate student, you’ll no longer be eligible for the Pell Grant, but you can apply to grants from a variety of other sources. Grants are typically given based on need, so you may need to disclose financial information or show a solid plan for the money in order to be eligible. Grant availability changes from year to year, but some of the sources that you should check out if you’re interested in applying for a grant include the American School Counselor Association and the U.S. Department of Education.

Masters in School Counseling Scholarships

Unlike grants, scholarships are usually based on merit, not just need, though some scholarships do take need into consideration. At the master’s degree level, scholarships are sometimes called fellowships and may come attached to student teaching opportunities if given directly by a college. Some scholarships are also available through private organizations, and these scholarships can be specifically made available for counseling students or they can be available to all students, regardless of program of study. Scholarships can also be based on things like ethnicity, disability, family military service, and so forth, along with merit.

Other Forms of Financial Aid

In addition to grants and scholarships, you can also look to other programs if you’re interested in getting a degree in student counseling. Employers often have tuition reimbursement programs, so if you start working in the field after getting your initial bachelor’s degree, you might be eligible for company programs. Student loans are, of course, an option, and even if you don’t qualify for high amounts, getting loans from a number of different sources could combine to give you enough money for school.

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Top Online Master of School Counseling Degrees

School counselors work in elementary, middle, and high schools to provide academic, college, and personal guidance to students. Previously known as guidance counselors or educational counselors, this profession generally requires a master's degree in education, school counseling, or similar subject. Some states also require licensing or certification. The following schools offer accredited online degree programs in school counseling or closely related subjects.

An MS in K-12 Educational Leadership from Walden will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and experience to lead student, teachers, and parents to academic success. You will have the power to shape the lives of children that will lead the future. In this program you will be prepared with the leadership skills necessary to reach out to children you that you work with and challenge them to become the best that they can. You will come away from this program ready to enhance the learning opportunities for all students.
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The Master of Social Work offered by University of Southern California School of Social Work, the MSW@USC, is offered entirely online. This program features live online classes as well as online study groups and chat sessions. In addition to this, students will have opportunities to gain real-world training through local internships.
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At Grand Canyon University's MA in Christian Studies youth ministry specialization, students learn the art of preaching to a younger audience. This online program helps you obtain a future career in the church leadership. Courses include Youth Issues and Crisis, and Mentoring and Counseling Youth.
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