20 Amazing Search Engines and Databases for High School Counselors

Written by admin at 07:15:am on 12th September, 2011

Just because you have a master’s in counseling doesn’t mean that your internet researching days are over. The field of academics and education is constantly changing, and counselors can’t wait for the administration to issue updates the second they become available. But is there really a way to do serious, safe searches over the web that can help students and keep your computer history clean?

We think so and have gathered 20 amazing search engines and databases for high school counselors. You can use them to get the latest lesson plans in all sorts of subjects, look up the latest journal entries without a subscription, and even help college bound students select and pay for a higher education.

Amazing Academic Search Engines and Databases for High School Counselors

  1. iSeek
    Worried about an innocent search turning up questionable results? Then stop here for a targeted search engine for students, teachers, administrators, and caregivers. Peer reviewed sites and searches are constantly featured from trusted universities, governments, and private organizations.
  2. Ref Seek
    Academic information is made available to everyone on this search engine. It searches more than one billion documents, including web pages, books, encyclopedias, journals, and newspapers to bring you results. You can even do a document search.
  3. Google Scholar
    With the power of Google turned in a scholarly fashion, it is no wonder this is a must have for high school counselors. Use the engine to search for articles, journals, and even legal opinions and patents. You can even make your own custom page of citations.
  4. Academic Info
    Their in-depth directory is a roundup of the best and most useful links and resources within a specific subject area. Search from over 25,000 trusted resources on everything from 19th century America to Zoology. You can also search for video courses.
  5. Awesome Library
    This database organizes over 37,000 academic resources from the web. Search for everything from the arts to sustainable development with the K – 12 student in mind. They even include the top five percent in education.
  6. Thomson Reuters Science
    Get a master list of all their scientific publications here. Not just for chemistry or biology, the series of journals also cover arts and the humanities, as well as other subjects. They even have a Firefox add-on.
  7. IPL
    Get a virtual Internet Public Library with a visit here. You can look up resources by subject or even by special collections. There are also options for kids and teens.
  8. Virtual LRC
    Similar to the above, this is a virtual learning resource center. The directory includes the arts, biographies, recreation, technology, and many others. It is even available in eight different languages.
  9. Dewey Browse
    Are you used to searching for items using the Dewey Decimal system? Then stop by this site that has organized the web into just that. Everything from news to biographies and other teaching resources are shared.
  10. Edu Hound
    All this technology confusing you or your students? Then stop by this database that seeks to combine education and technology. Get an A through Z search of many topics and even lesson plans.

Amazing Guidance Search Engines and Databases for High School Counselors

  1. College Board
    Their goal is to get as many students into college as possible. With a special section just for school counselors, you can learn the latest news, information, and tools in the field. Most popular choices currently include AP Central, districts, and explaining financial aid.
  2. College.gov
    Need more inspiration to get your students into higher education? Then stop here for a why, where, and how of college. They even have help in the form of a YouTube channel and FAFSA tips.
  3. National Center for Education Statistics
    The NCES has the latest news and numbers on education in the U.S. Check out the latest studies or get a data snapshot right on the homepage. There are also Fast Facts and even a college navigator on the site.
  4. The Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs
    If your students know which schools they are interested in, stop here. The database allows you to search the school and see if it is accredited, which agency it has been accredited by, and when they are up for renewal.
  5. Student Aid on the Web
    Many high school students are afraid of the high cost of colleges. Visit here to learn the latest on financial aid, including grants and the FAFSA. You can even help a student set up an online account here so that they can explore on their own.
  6. Wordsmyth
    There are loads of online dictionaries available over the web, but high school counselors will appreciate this one. It is intended for those in education and even offers a thesaurus. You can even get a widget for faster word searches.
  7. American Counseling Association
    Get counseling for counselors on this site. They have the latest news and information on the topic, as well as resources for students. Be sure not to miss the ACA podcast with even more.
  8. American School Counselor Association
    The ASCA supports school counselors’ efforts to help students focus on academic, personal/social, and career development. You can nominate outstanding school counselors here, as well as get loads of tips online. There is also a special section for parents and the public.
  9. American Mental Health Counselors Association
    The AMHCA is an organization that works exclusively for the mental health counseling profession. They have both news and advocacy items right on the homepage. High school counselors can click on News & Publications to learn more about their journals, news, and tools just for counselors.
  10. The Environment Directory
    If you have a question about how to help your students or school go green, click here. The directory has done an impressive job of gathering environmental topics in an educational manner. Everything from agriculture to wildlife is shared.

Bonus: Certification – If you are considering getting a certification in counseling, click here. The National Board for Certified Counselors offers more information on certification and state licensure exams with just a visit.

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